70 easy doodles for your bullet journal

70 easy doodles for your bullet journal

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Are you always on the lookout for new, fun, and easy doodles for your bullet journal? Well, look no further! We’ve gathered a list of 70 simple yet creative doodles to inspire you and level up your journaling game. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, these doodle ideas are perfect for adding a personal touch to your pages.

70 easy doodles for your bullet journal: unleash your inner artist

Before we dive into easy doodles for your bullet journal, let’s take a moment to appreciate the world of bullet journaling. Bullet journaling is a fantastic way to organize your thoughts, set goals, track habits, and unleash your creativity—all in one handy notebook. And one of the best parts about bullet journaling is the freedom to make it truly your own, which is where doodling comes in!

70 easy doodles for your bullet journal

Drawing supplies

To get started with your doodling adventure, you’ll need a few essential stationery supplies:

  1. A bullet journal or notebook
  2. Pens (fine liners, gel pens, or your favorite writing tool)
  3. Pencils and erasers for sketching and correcting
  4. Optional: colored pencils, markers, or watercolors for adding a pop of color

Drawing tips

Now, let’s talk about some quick tips for drawing in your bullet journal:

  1. Start with a pencil: Sketch your doodle lightly in pencil before going over it with a pen. This way, you can make adjustments and erase mistakes without any fuss.
  2. Embrace imperfections: Don’t worry about making your doodles perfect. The charm of bullet journaling lies in its uniqueness and personal touch.
  3. Take inspiration from everywhere: Keep your eyes open for patterns, shapes, and designs in everyday life that can inspire your doodles.
  4. Practice makes progress: The more you doodle, the better you’ll get at it. So don’t be discouraged if your first few attempts don’t turn out as planned.

70 easy drawing tutorials

In this blog post, we’ve organized our 70 easy doodles into various themes, so you can quickly find something that sparks your interest. From nature and pop culture characters to seasonal themes and travel, there’s something for everyone. So grab your favorite pen, and let’s dive in!

#1 Nature-Inspired Doodles 🌿

Nature is an endless source of inspiration, and adding a touch of the great outdoors to your bullet journal can bring a sense of calm and tranquility to your pages. Let’s explore some easy nature-themed doodles:


From roses and sunflowers to daisies and tulips, there’s a wide variety of floral shapes to experiment with.

handgemalt how to draw flowers tutorial
Photo credit: @handgemalt


Capture the essence of different seasons with maple, oak, and palm leaves—or get creative with unique patterns and shapes.

planwithady easy how to draw leaves
Photo credit: @planwithady


Sketch out lush green forests or a peaceful tree-lined path to bring your pages to life.

kotos.journal easy tree doodle for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @kotos.journal


Create a serene landscape by drawing majestic mountain ranges or minimalist peak silhouettes.

_doodle_me_this_ easy how to draw mountains
Photo credit: @_doodle_me_this_


Fluffy cumulus clouds or wispy cirrus clouds can add a dreamy touch to your journal.

nicollepedott how to doodle clouds, suns and moons
Photo credit: @nicollepedott


Bring some color and cheer with simple rainbow arcs, perfect for brightening up a rainy day.

bulletjournal_by_danique rainbow bullet journal
Photo credit: @bulletjournal_by_danique


Sunshine, raindrops, snowflakes, or even a tiny tornado can be a fun way to illustrate the weather or your mood.

Marie Browning cloud doodles
Photo credit: Marie Browning

Sun, moon, and stars

Adorn your pages with celestial bodies, from crescent moons and shooting stars to galaxies and constellations.

jade_journals bullet journal cover spread
Photo credit: @jade_journals


Cute and prickly, cacti doodles can add a touch of desert charm to your spreads.

_doodle_me_this_ how to draw a cactus
Photo credit: @_doodle_me_this_


These trendy plants come in all shapes and sizes, making them a versatile doodling choice.

_doodle_me_this_ how to draw succulents
Photo credit: @_doodle_me_this_


Create a zen atmosphere with simple bamboo stalks and leaves.

paperythoughts bamboo drawing tutorial
Photo credit: @paperythoughts


Illustrate your green thumb with gardening tools, seedlings, and potted plants.

bujoandmore bullet journal drawings
Photo credit: @bujoandmore


Add a beachy vibe with spiral shells, starfish, and sand dollars.

bujojaymie step by step bujo drawing tutorial
Photo credit: @bujojaymie


Capture the essence of the coast with lighthouses, beach chairs, and ocean waves.

appy.doodles easy drawing ideas for bullet journals
Photo credit: @appy.doodles


Delicate lavender sprigs can bring a touch of elegance and a sense of calm to your pages.

haystudytime easy drawing tutorials for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @haystudytime


Get adventurous with tents, campfires, and marshmallows on sticks for a cozy outdoor scene.

julipenobagelco easy drawing tutorials for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @julipenobagelco

#2 Pop Culture Characters ✨

Incorporating your favorite characters into your bullet journal is a great way to express your personality and showcase your fandoms. Let’s check out some iconic characters you can easily doodle:

Harry Potter

Cast a spell with doodles of wands, Hogwarts houses, and the Sorting Hat from the magical world of Harry Potter.

splendidscribbles easy Harry Potter bullet journal doodles
Photo credit: @splendidscribbles


Gotta catch ’em all! Add a touch of nostalgia with Pikachu, Bulbasaur, or any of your favorite pocket monsters.

julia.pezowicz how to draw pikachu pokemon
Photo credit: @julia.pezowicz

Hello Kitty

With her cute bow and simple design, Hello Kitty is a fantastic addition to your bullet journal, especially if you’re a fan of kawaii or Sanrio characters.

splendidscribbles easy Hello Kitty bullet journal doodles


Channel the enchanting world of Studio Ghibli with the lovable forest spirit Totoro and other spirited creatures.

splendidscribbles easy drawing for your bullet journal - totoro
Photo credit: @splendidscribbles


Bring the magic of Disney to your journal with doodles of Mickey Mouse, princesses, or your favorite sidekicks.

_doodle_me_this_ how to draw Disney Olaf
Photo credit: @_doodle_me_this_


Unleash your inner superhero with minimalist drawings of iconic Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America.

_doodle_me_this_ how to draw wonder woman easy marvel
Photo credit: @_doodle_me_this_


The adorable internet sensation Pusheen the Cat can add a touch of cuteness to any spread.

thejournaltea easy drawing tutorial
Photo credit: @thejournaltea

#3 Animals and Insects 🦋

Next on our list, we have adorable animals and insects that’ll bring life and cuteness to your bullet journal pages. These easy-to-draw creatures are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy and fun to your spreads. Let’s explore some options:


Add a flutter of color and grace with these delicate insects.

imprint.xyz how to draw a butterfly bullet journal
Photo credit: @imprint.xyz


Buzzing bees are perfect for garden-themed pages or to symbolize productivity.

csenge_illustration how to draw bees
Photo credit: @csenge_illustration


Man’s best friend comes in all shapes and sizes, so let your imagination run wild.

mellinfluoustudy easy dog doodles
Photo credit: @mellinfluoustudy


Who can resist the charm of a cute and cuddly panda?

_doodle_me_this_ how to draw Pandas for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @_doodle_me_this_


Slow down and take it easy with a lovable sloth doodle.

splendidscribbles how to draw a sloth
Photo credit: @splendidscribbles


Add a dash of cunning and playfulness with a quick fox sketch.

bujoabby easy how to draw
Photo credit: @bujoabby


Embrace wisdom and strength with an adorable elephant doodle.

_doodle_me_this_ how to draw elephants
Photo credit: @_doodle_me_this_


Create an underwater scene with these mesmerizing, free-flowing creatures.

_bujo_lovers_ how to draw jellyfish
Photo credit: @_bujo_lovers_


Dive deep into your creativity by adding a majestic whale to your pages.

splendidscribbles easy drawing for your bullet journal - whales
Photo credit: @splendidscribbles

#4 Seasonal and Holiday Doodles 🍁

Now let’s talk about seasonal and holiday doodles that will help you celebrate the changing times of the year and special occasions. These festive illustrations are a great way to get into the spirit of each season and add some holiday cheer to your journal. Here are some ideas:


Think sun, sand, and flip-flops for a beachy, summer vibe.

Splendidscribbles summer doodles for bullet journals
Photo credit: @splendidscribbles


Capture the essence of autumn with falling leaves, pumpkins, and cozy sweaters.

lifeinabujo fall doodles for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @lifeinabujo


Snowflakes, hot cocoa, and mittens make for a delightful winter scene.

cozydaydreams easy winter doodles
Photo credit: @cozydaydreams


Celebrate new beginnings with blooming flowers, birds, and rain showers.

paws.and.paper spring bullet journal doodles
Photo credit: @paws.and.paper

Valentine’s Day

Show some love with hearts, roses, and sweet treats.

yopandtom valentines day bullet journal doodles
Photo credit: @yopandtom


Deck your pages with Christmas trees, ornaments, and stockings.

lasirenabujo  Christmas doodles for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @lasirenabujo


Embrace your spooky side with ghosts, witches, and pumpkins.

bujo.by.lara how to draw pumpkins - halloween for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @bujo.by.lara


Welcome spring with Easter eggs, bunnies, and pastel colors.

bujobyjesslee Easter doodles for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @bujobyjesslee


Give thanks by drawing turkeys, pies, and festive table settings.

plansthatblossom thanksgiving doodles for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @plansthatblossom

#5 Food and Drink Doodles 🍕

Let’s move on to some scrumptious food and drink doodles that’ll make your bullet journal pages look good enough to eat! These tasty illustrations are perfect for meal planning, grocery lists, or just adding some fun to your everyday spreads. Here’s a taste of what you can draw:


Fresh and colorful fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas are always a sweet addition.

haru.bujo how to draw fruit
Photo credit: @haru.bujo


Get your daily greens with cute doodles of carrots, broccoli, and peppers.

kreatives.kaemmerlein.kiel vegetable doodles for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @kreatives.kaemmerlein.kiel


Celebrate birthdays or special occasions with a slice of cake or an entire tiered masterpiece.

coloringpagebymona cake doodles for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @coloringpagebymona


Show your love for your favorite pick-me-up with coffee cups, beans, or even latte art.

madareli_art how to draw coffee doodles for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @madareli_art

Fast food

Indulge in some guilty pleasures with burgers, tacos, and hot dogs.

coloringpagebymona fast food doodles for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @coloringpagebymona


Add a touch of Japanese cuisine with sushi rolls, nigiri, and chopsticks.

eliana.journals easy drawings for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @eliana.journals


Customize your own pizza pie with different toppings and even a slice or two.

suemomo.de how to draw pizza
Photo credit: @suemomo.de


Golden, crispy fries are a classic comfort food doodle that everyone loves.

suemomo.de easy drawings for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @suemomo.de

Ice cream

Cool down with cones, sundaes, and a variety of ice cream flavors.

gigis_journal easy drawings for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @gigis_journal

Kitchen appliances

Get creative with doodles of blenders, mixers, and other culinary tools.

thedoodleguide kitchen appliances for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @thedoodleguide

#6 Travel and Adventure ✈️

Now it’s time to explore the world with travel and adventure-themed doodles. These sketches are perfect for documenting your trips, wanderlust bucket lists, or simply adding a touch of excitement to your journal. Get ready to pack your bags and embark on a creative journey with these ideas:

Hot air balloons

Soar to new heights with colorful and whimsical hot air balloons.

sofieshandlertering how to draw balloons bullet journal guide
Photo credit: @sofieshandlertering


Sail away on the open seas with various boat designs, from sailboats to cruise ships.

notikjournal boat doodle for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @notikjournal


Hit the open road with vintage cars, convertibles, or even a trusty family van.


Jet off to faraway destinations with airplanes, boarding passes, and luggage.

splendidscribbles how to draw a plane
Photo credit: @splendidscribbles


Pedal your way through picturesque scenes with different bicycle styles.

_doodle_me_this_ how to draw bikes guide
Photo credit: @_doodle_me_this_


Pack your essentials in a cute backpack, perfect for adventures big and small.

sleepy_bujo how to doodle backpacks
Photo credit: @sleepy_bujo


Pay tribute to your favorite places with iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, or the Statue of Liberty.

illustra London landmarks for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @illustra

#7 Entertainment Doodles 🎬

Let’s dive into the world of entertainment with doodles that celebrate your favorite hobbies and pastimes. These fun illustrations are perfect for personalizing your bullet journal and showcasing your interests. Get ready to roll out the red carpet for these doodle ideas:


Capture memories and special moments with vintage or modern camera designs.

splendidscribbles how to draw a camera guide
Photo credit: @splendidscribbles


Show off your gaming passion with doodles of consoles, controllers, and even your favorite video game characters.

splendidscribbles easy how to draw a gameboy
Photo credit: @splendidscribbles


Curl up with a good book (or doodle of one), complete with bookmarks and your favorite titles.

bujo.maja how to draw books for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @bujo.maja


Pens, pencils, and notebooks, oh my! Celebrate your love for stationery with cute doodles of your go-to supplies.

notikjournal stationery doodles for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @notikjournal

School supplies

Get back-to-school ready with doodles of rulers, scissors, and backpacks.

paintways_naaz easy doodles for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @paintways_naaz


Lights, camera, action! Pay tribute to your favorite films with movie-themed doodles like popcorn, film reels, and clapperboards.

_doodle_me_this_ how to draw the movies
Photo credit: @_doodle_me_this_

#8 Miscellaneous Doodles 🖌️

Lastly, we have miscellaneous doodles that serve as versatile decorations and design elements for your bullet journal. These simple yet effective illustrations will help you create visually appealing layouts and organize your pages with style. Here’s a list of some handy doodle ideas:


Create eye-catching headers and titles with various banner designs and shapes.

_doodle_me_this_ how to draw banners for your bullet journal
Photo credit: @_doodle_me_this_


Frame your pages with decorative borders to make them stand out and look polished.

themonsterofstationery borders for your journal
Photo credit: @themonsterofstationery


Organize your lists and notes with different box styles, from simple squares to ornate frames.

plansthatblossom boxes for your journal
Photo credit: @plansthatblossom


Break up your content with dividers that can be as simple or as intricate as you like.

appy.doodles bullet journal dividers
Photo credit: @appy.doodles


Direct attention to important points or guide the eye through your layouts with creative arrow designs.

appy.doodles bullet journal arrows
Photo credit: @appy.doodles


Add flair to your pages by embellishing the corners with decorative elements and patterns.

nicolegracestudies bullet journal corner borders
Photo credit: @nicolegracestudies

And there you have it, folks! We’ve covered a whopping 70 easy doodles for your bullet journal, spanning across various themes like nature, pop culture characters, animals, holidays, food, travel, entertainment, and miscellaneous designs. With this treasure trove of ideas, your journal is sure to be bursting with creativity and personality.

Remember, the beauty of bullet journaling lies in its flexibility and personalization, so don’t be afraid to mix and match these doodle ideas, experiment with your own twists, and even come up with brand new doodles that represent you. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the process. So grab your favorite pen, let your imagination run wild, and happy doodling! 🎨